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The provision of expert reports and, if necessary, expert evidence in connection with building defects and building contract disputes.

There can be many reasons for disputes arising during or as a result of the construction process. However, the vast majority will be directly related to one or more of three issues: quality, cost and time. 

Some of the common causes for disputes and claims arising are: 

  • Defects Disputes 

  • Incorrect design 

  • Incorrect specification 

  • Defective workmanship 

  • Defective materials 

  • Lack of maintenance 

  • Contract Disputes 

  • Contract variations 

  • Extensions of time 

  • Incorrect payment certification 

  • Over-certification of payments 

  • Incorrect completion certification 

Dacre has a wealth of experience in advising on disputes of the nature described above, and may more. This enables our clients to receive the best technical support they require, coupled with the necessary balanced, objective and commercial advice. 

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