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This service is sometimes also referred to Client’s Representative. The important distinction between the two is that the Employer’s Agent ‘steps into the shoes’ of the Employer in a construction contract and adopts the associated legal responsibilities of the Employer under the terms of that contract. The form of construction contract (and method of procurement) will most usually be Design & Build, where the building contractor takes on responsibility for both the design and construction. 

This service will normally include the following key components: 

  • Assisting the client in defining requirements and objectives 

  • Assisting the client in defining quality, cost and time parameters 

  • Selecting and instructing a consultant team on behalf of the client 

  • With the assistance of the consultant team, drafting the Employer’s Requirements documentation 

  • Selecting suitable contractors for tender invitation 

  • Implementing a single or two stage tender process 

  • Checking the Contractor’s Proposals (including initial design, contract sum analysis and programme) 

  • Instructing the selected contractor on behalf of the client 

  • Administering the design and construction contract to completion of the works 

  • Accepting the completed project on behalf of the client 

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